Monday, 20 June 2011

Superbly Organised Tournament

Daniel Wells - 2011 European Champion
So, the European Championships are over for another year. What a professional, slick enterprise this was and credit has to go to Oleg and the Bulgarian Snooker Federation. Looking back over the 12 days of the tournament I can remember the excitement, fun, tension and stiff competition that is a European Event. For Bulgaria to take on this event with just 16 weeks notice is a testement to the hard work put in by both EBSA and the BSF, something the players often overlook.

'Blue' Peter, me, Ger, Vic, and Sverrir 'Ashcloud' GarĂ°arsson
The standard of referreing has also improved and this was highlighted by Bernard McGuinness during his speech at the end of the event, well done referees. The closing ceremony was a fitting climax to a wonderful tournament., with estatic winners and gracious loosers. Although I didn't sample the 'Black Ram' whiskey (one of the sponsors) during the closing ceremony I have heard it is quite good, a bottle or two was exported to various parts of the European community no doubt.

I have made some wonderful friends and if I didn't get an opportunity to mention you on my blog (thank your lucky stars) there is always the next time. Sofia is not the easist place to reach in Europe and we had to get connecting flight from Paris both there and back. But thats not detracting from a wonderful venue and event.

Next year I am sure the host country will be a little more accesible with possible host countries ISRAEL, LATVIA, RUSSIA, DENMARK, GERMANY and N.IRELAND hoping to host the event. Watch this space and I will update the moment I hear anything.

For me it's back to the day job (I have some car trouble which means I can't get into work today as I write this) and my other passion which is Politics. The next election campaign will not be for another 3 years, so plenty of work lies ahead. If you are interested in what our party stands for, you can catch up via my website, which again will also be updated with various goings on. Click here.

Oh, and before I forget and get off the snooker theme completely, thanks for the t-shirt Janie. I like surprises and I LOVE SNOOKER!!

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