Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tournament Players - Who to watch?

Had a quick check at my friend Dariusz Goral's website and it looks like he is again ahead of the game, full list of players, mens, ladies, and masters together with tables and match times. It will probably be tweaked a little before the tournament but he has nailed it again. Visit the site here.

From the list of players named, there are a few that jump out in the Masters category, the one I am competing in. Darren Morgan from Wales has to be the pre-tournament favourite, he's the current holder of the title. The 2008 Winner Alan Trigg is again competing and will provide stiff opposition for all.

Another quality player who is making a reapearance on the International scene, again from 2008 is Stephen Merrigan from Ireland. Stephen reached the Semi Final them, losing to Trigg and it will be good to see how he fairs this time around. One step further wouldn't be beyond the realms of posibility.

Finally, It's good to see Costas Konnaris from Cyprus back after he had to withdraw from the tournament suddenly last year due to a family bereavement, a class player.