Monday, 23 May 2011

Late Challenger?

While the event draws ever nearer, received a surprise call last night from John McIntyre, legend of the green baize and true gent. John asked a few questions about the event, when it starts, what the hotel is like, flights I ask him "Are you thinking of going"...he replies "well I was thinking about it" in his Belfast drawl, never mind the fact the closing date was over 3 weeks ago!

Although John has missed the deadline he is keen to take part and I hope he can get a cancellation or something. I don't think the draw has taken place so you never know. Personally I hope he can make the trip, he is a real character and makes any event he enters a much more enjoyable one.

Unfortunately due to work commitments I didn't get to play in our National championships at the weekend,  so I will be going into this tournament with absolutely no idea of what shape my  game is in, which is never a good thing, but then again you never know.