Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Business End - Week One is complete

I love the business end of championship snooker. The atmosphere changes once the group stages have been decided. Some unsuccessful competitors leave, The selected number of referrees get allocated their semi-finals and finals, and the knock-out draws are here. Good work team.

I have been seeded number 13 and drawn against number 20 seed Alan Novack from Denmark for a place in the last sixteen of this years tournament, should be a good match.

We had our AGM yesterday and I was honoured to be the Northern Ireland delegate at a well supported, enthusiastic meeting. It was decided this year to hold the AGM at a time when no group games were being played, a very wise decision. It meant the maximum number of delegates could attend and the meeting was all the better for it. Well done the EBSA board.

Outside dining, well sheltered and excellent food.
A Secluded Restaurant
Following my match John and I headed to our favourite restaurant in the city centre. I highly recommended it. Get a taxi from hotel to the National Theatre. Once there, head down the right hand side of the theatre about 50 yards and you will come across this great little outdoor spot (pictured right). The Pork Fillet with 2 types of onion and saute potatoes is great, some Bulgarian Merlot and garlic bread, cannot be beaten. And it costs next to nothing.

Titanic Centenary Year 2012
While talking with my Finnish friends Janne and Antti later in the evening I found out that this particular tournament represents Finnish Referee Victor's 19th consecutive European Event. Anybody that knows Victor will testfy that snooker is in his heart, and the giant of a man can potentially make it 20 next year. If Northern Ireland are succesful in our bid for the 2012 event, it would be an event to celebrate as it coincides with the centenary year of the Titantic sinking. However something tells me this big Fin wouldn't go down so easily. Well done Victor.