Monday, 6 June 2011

Euro Snooker - Day 1

Such a long day, all for the love of snooker. I started this morning at 2.45 am with a quick shower, shave and on the road to Dublin Airport, arriving just before 5am tired but excited, snooker cue and holdall in tow, ready for another European Adventure.

Have to give credit to Air France, breakfast of coffee and muffin on the way to Paris, then another 'snack' on the connecting flight from Paris to Sofia. Credit to EBSA Mr Fix It aka Jim Leacy for laying on a welcoming party in Charles De Gaul Paris, a nice chap escorted us from arrivals to the departure gate, although outgoing EBSA secretary Pete was quick to take the credit for this one.

The Hotel we are staying at, the Dedeman Prince Sofia & Casino met the Irish group at the airport and following a brief drive, we arrived at the hotel in good spirits, and greeted by secretary Maxime Cassis. It was good to see so many familar faces from previous European tournaments.

Now it wouldn't be a European 'Adventure' without the odd incident or strange goings on, and it didn't take long. I took a quick stroll over the the Central Station, and had slice of pizza and beer (cost was 4 Lev, or about £1.50) and returned to my room for a freshen up, so I was only gone about an hour. On my return, on the table in the corner of our room was a tasty looking dessert with the words '45 Years' presented in chocolate on the plate.

Now I know I'm not 45 yet, and can say with some confidence my room-mate is a 'little' It turns out our 'Hotel' is 45 years in business today 6th June., and we all received a little birthday cake to celebrate. Well done Dedeman.