Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sinatra and all that Jazz

Have just watched a good semi-final in the mens event, Vincent Muldoon (Ireland) against Martin McDonnell (England) and saw Vinney get over the winning line 6-4, I am delighted for him. He is here with his mum and I think she is playing every ball for him she looked so nervous. One thing for sure, his opponent Daniel Wells (Wales) will give him another tough game.

Telling JH about my blog and he will be in it ;)
Our World Snooker Champion John Higgins arrived last night. There was a reception for him in the hotel which was well attended by all of the players and referees, together with the assembled press. I spoke with John briefly in the lobby, just to let him know we are pleased he is back and that perhaps another few world championships will come his way. He's a good guy.

Although I had a trip planned to Sinatra's Piano Bar in the city centre, the reception was a good opportunity to mingle and chat with some friends, and get a few photographs.  After a couple of drinks a taxi was ordered and I headed off, with Ger and Nico for company.

 It didn't take long to arrive at our destination, The Sinatra Piano Bar is on the top floor of what can be described as an office block, there is no way you would ever stumble upon this place. It's a nice relaxing spot, a little smaller than I had anticipated but nice all the same. From here we headed into Studentski Grad or 'Student City' for a beer or two. I like quiet evenings ;)