Friday, 20 May 2011

Tourist in town....what to do?

Sent off for some brochures from Bulgaria Tourist Information during a quiet night in the election campaign, and today I received a town map, places to visit and some vouchers...feeling at home already. Got to give it to the Bulgarian Tourist Board for their efficiency. Having said that still trying to locate the Snooker clubs in town, which will obviously have to take a priority, given that there is a major snooker tournament on.

Given my past experience in EBSA International competition, it is fair to say that after the round robin matches there is a fair bit of 'leisure' time between matches. Have decided that my snooker cue can take the place of my 3 wood in this instance and I may take in the odd 9 holes. It's either that or spend my free time at the casino or in the bar (where is my 'brother' Brendan Thomas when you need him?).

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